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Super admin . June 4, 2021

Reducing constraints on the timetable

With the expectation that by Autumn Term 2021 social life nationally will have largely resumed, we have reviewed our planning assumptions for timetabling ‘in-person’ teaching events. We have taken into account the health and safety requirements that are likely to be appropriate next academic year and agreed to remove our approach based on 1m+ social distancing. We will maintain the safety of our community through revised room capacities linked to ventilation and other mitigations, such as face masks. This approach will result in more capacity for timetabled in-person teaching than would have been possible under social distancing.

Some departments have reduced the amount of in-person teaching in their timetabling requests in anticipation of limited capacity based on the previous approach. There is now an opportunity to adjust requests in the light of the increased capacity. Departments have additional time to reconsider their request in light of the additional capacity. The deadline for timetabling requests is now 5pm on 24 May.

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